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Installing new A rated double glazed windows and doors helps make your home more energy efficient which can reduce energy bills and prepare your home for greener solutions.
Many UK home owners are now upgrading to A rated double glazed windows and doors to reduce bills and prepare for greener solutions such as Air Source Heat Pumps. 
Reduce energy costs with A Rated double glazing
Modern double glazing has many benefits over single glazing. One of the key benefits of installing modern double glazed windows and doors is the improved energy efficiency for your home. The layer of insulation between the secondary glazing panels ensures maximum heat retention inside your home and minimum heat loss from the outside pane. Modern double glazing is a key upgrade for a greener and more energy efficient home. This is especially true if you're considering upgrading to green energy solutions such as air source heat pumps.
With the push for green energy solutions, quality insulation is an essential upgrade for all homes to ensure maximum benefit from renewable solutions. Homes that are upgraded with the latest double glazed windows and doors are in higher demand because renewable energy solutions such as air source heat pumps can be installed with instant benefits. Over the coming years buyers will be looking for properties that have been upgraded to achieve high energy efficiency.
In addition to the many energy benefits, double glazed windows and doors offer home owners peace of mind with better security than standard windows and doors.

Double glazing also reduces outside noise offering up to 39db protection. This makes a fully double glazed home a warm, protected and peaceful space all year round.

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Homes with A rated double glazing have better energy efficiency which can add value to your home.
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